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My withdrawal request is constantly being rejected. Why is this happening?

There may be multiple reasons for your withdrawal request being rejected:  


1. your account balance is insufficient to process your request; please make sure you have enough funds available on your account not acting as margin in your current transactions.

2. our Finance department have requested additional documentation, but you have yet to submit them.

3. the target bank account you want to withdraw your funds to does not have your name on it or does not belong to you; as per our company policy, we are not allowed to withdraw funds to third party accounts, so we kindly as you to provide the details of an account you are a holder of when filling out your withdrawal requests.

4. the account details you have provided are wrong and contain errors or typos; please make sure your details are correct by logging into the platform.


To establish why your withdrawal request being rejected, please contact us at [email protected] or via live chat during our office hours.


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