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How to make a deposit

On the XCOEX platform, we offer several ways to deposit funds:
    1. Funding in cryptocurrency
    ● Select the desired cryptocurrency from the list: (link to the list).
    ● Copy your XCOEX cryptocurrency wallet address to send an amount from an external wallet to it.
    ● Make sure the cryptocurrency on both wallets is the same.
    ● Check the specifics of each cryptocurrency, such as the number of confirmations required to complete a transaction and the need to specify unique tags for some cryptocurrencies (e.g., XRP).
    ● Make the transfer from your external wallet to this address.
    2. Buy cryptocurrency from the card in USD or EUR
    ● Link the card to your XCOEX account
    ● Decide on the amount you want to buy a cryptocurrency for and make the transaction.
    ● The purchased cryptocurrency will be shown on your balance in the "Wallets" section.
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