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How to exchange funds

On our platform, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another and fiat for cryptocurrencies.
XCOEX offers two types of exchange: fast and advanced.

Fast exchange

Before exchanging, make sure you have available cryptocurrency or fiat funds in your wallet. Select fast exchange to get the desired cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate. Do the following:
    1. Go to the 'Exchange' section.
    2. Select the cryptocurrency to be exchanged and the wallet from which the exchange will take place.
    3. Specify the amount to purchase cryptocurrency.
    4. Check the data entered before confirming.
    5. Check the current exchange rate and transaction fee.
    6. Click the 'Exchange' button. The amount received from the exchange will be displayed on the selected wallet.

Advanced exchange

This feature allows you to see currency exchange rate changes in real time. For advanced exchange, do the following:
    1. Select a currency pair to exchange.
    2. Specify the amount to be exchanged in base currency.
    3. Select the transaction: buy or sell.
    4. In the transaction window, check the transaction fee.
    5. After the transaction is confirmed, you'll receive a corresponding notification, and your wallet balance will be updated shortly.

With advanced exchange, you can also set a pending order, i.e., buy or sell currency at a price you set in advance. The transaction will be executed as soon as the price reaches the value specified in the order, and the funds will be displayed in the selected wallet.
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